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Beeblebrox Piglet Bedford I first began communicating with Dez when I had my former boy Ned which I received from another local Canadian breeder. Unfortunately, Ned was diagnosed with severe HCM at the age of 2 and required meds 3x a day. Dez was great in assisting me with Ned even though he was not her kitten. When Ned's time came at the age of 4 I let Dez know we had lost him and requested to be put on a waiting list for one of her kittens due to her diligence in screening for this horrible disease. To my surprise, a beautiful blue eyed boy became available quite soon. Living in Canada, it would have been quite the hike to get to Michigan. Dez was kind enough to bring him across the border and I met Piglet in London this past summer. He has fit in perfectly with our family and it wasn't long until he began telling our 80 lb Boxer what the "real" house rules were. Dez has remained a close friend and source of information. If you are looking for a great sphynx, it may take you some time, but Dez is the place you will want to start and end your search.

~Barry Bedford from Toronto, Ontario, Canada    
Beeblebrox Pyewacket After much online research of Sphynx catteries, I was most impressed with Beeblebrox. I then checked four references provided by Dez, and they all came back with positive reviews. Then of course there were my conversations with Dez. I felt comfortable placing my trust in her and boy did she deliver.

We asked for a little guy with the sweetest, gentlest, most affectionate personality to be found in any cat in the entire universe (not too much to ask, right?). We had pre-named him Pyewacket. We were willing to wait for the kitten that met our request, and he was worth the wait.

After months, Dez sent me a note saying: "I have found your Pyewacket." That's all she had to say. I told her to make sure he was overwhelmed with love in affection every day until we could have him. She entrusted Pyewacket to her associate (Maureen Demers) who must have followed our instructions to the letter because Pyewacket is indeed the sweetest, gentlest, most affectionate cat in the universe--and handsome as well. I say this with complete impartiality, of course.

Thank you Dez!

~Allen & Steve from Chicago, Illinois
Lisa's Naked Winter Rose, Scheerose I had stumbled upon the Beeblebrox website several years prior and dug it up again after I moved to Ontario. Many sites I had checked out were obviously abandoned or didn't stir the same confidence. Dez made everything so easy. Before I knew it, I was matched up with Scheerose. She is a joy to have around. She wasn’t afraid of my cat fountain and she was playing with my fuzzy cat as soon as she had the chance. I am glad I picked Dez as my sphynx breeder. She shares update information about her lines and doesn't try to omit. Her passion for HCM prevention and detection is encouraging.

~Lisa Fehr from London, Ontario, Canada  
Beeblebrox Cleopatra Severa I discovered Dez and Beeblebrox through an online search and by word of mouth. Many of my Facebook friends and people in the Sphynx community speak very highly of Dez and her cattery.  Several people suggested I contact Dez to help us sort out devastating news we had just received. Our first Sphynx (from another breeder) had been diagnosed HCM+ and we didn't know what to do. After our initial contact I knew I had not only found our future breeder, but a lifelong friend in Dez. She has since been by my side, answering questions and providing emotional support for a kitten we hadn't even gotten from her! We added our second Sphynx Cleo, a Beeblebutt, last year right after Thanksgiving and Dez hasn't been any less of a friend since getting Cleo from her last year. What's truly amazing and sets Dez apart from other breeders is her dedication to the betterment of the breed. Dez founded a non-profit company called Hairless Hearts, which sets up heart scan clinics for Sphynxies at reduced fees and contributes to the genetic research being done to wipe out HCM in Sphynx cats.  Breeding Sphynx is a labor of love for Dez, and she breeds loving, healthy, well socialized kittens that are worth any wait on her waiting list.

Making a Sphynx kitten part of your family is not only a huge financial investment, but an emotional one too. It's not the place to cut corners and look for a "bargain." Her health guarantee is unparalleled from my experience. I've never seen anything like it. Dez truly stands behind her kittens and your relationship only begins from the moment you bring home your own Beeblebutt. :)

~Philene & Chris from Chicago, Illinois
Beeblebrox Shelby Spahr My experience with Beeblebrox was wonderful. You can feel the love they have for their babies and it definately shows how much they really care about them going to loving and caring homes.  Their little bundles are beautiful, healthy and comical.  We just love our new little Shelby. Thanks so much Dez and it was nice to see you made it a family day when delivering Shelby to me.  It shows how much love is attached to your kittens.  Let's just say if I could talk my husband into a third, I know where I'd be getting it from.  

~Joan Spahr from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada
Note:   Apparently Joan was able to talk her husband into that 3rd kitty she was hoping for because she adopted another kitty from us about a year after she wrote this testimonial!
Elizabeth brags about "Neema" I am so grateful that I stumbled upon the Beeblebrox website. Originally I wanted a Devon Rex.  I was in touch with a few Rex breeders, but never a good feeling about buying one from them.  They were making the adoption process so hard, they weren't answering my questions and sometimes I'd get no response from them at all.  I was about to give up.  

Then I stumbled upon the Beeblebrox website.  I applied online that night and just for the heck of it, I said that I was interested in a blue point sphynx.  Less than 24 hours later, not only did I get a response, but a phone call saying there was a little baby was ready to take home if I'd like.  She was a blue point.  Wow!  It was that easy and so quick that I knew she was meant to be mine. 

I have now joined the ranks and I am truly obsessed with my new baby Neema!  You really can't explain  the love you have for these lttle guys until you own one.  She is so my baby and I take her everywhere with me; see "obsessed!"  She is unlike any other cat I have ever known, and she makes me laugh everyday.  I am so happy I met Dez and that she gave my a chance to invite such a wonderful creature into my life.  I know I can always count on Dez if I have any questions or concerns about my baby.  Thank you Dez, I love my little Beeblebutt!

~Elizabeth Penninger from Chicago, Illinois
Beeblebrox Bleu Modigliana & Beeblebrox Rouge Zhivago Our family adopted two Beeble Babies from Beeblebrox and it was a wonderful experience.  Bleu and Rouge are sweet, intelligent & social kittens.  They arrived litter robot trained and socialized to young children. Their dispositions are an obvious reflection of the amount of care, love & expertise they received at Beeblebrox.  Dez was very professional, knowledgeable, accessible and friendly.   She responded promptly to any questions and concerns that we had throughout the adoption process.

~ Sarah Dauber from Bryan, Ohio
Beeblebrox Magic Mooner "Bentley" After researching and talking to many breeders, I decided that, for me, Dez was the best breeder.  Any questions I had, she had the answer.  I fell in love with ALL of the kitties I saw on her page, and I was impressed with her dedication to the breed, and the kitties health and best interest ALWAYS came first.  After MUCH discussions (and a little begging) with my husband, I finally convinced him that a sphynx was going to be a great addition to our household.   With Dez's expertise, she decided on a kitty that would fit in with us best.  I eagerly waited by the computer for new pictures as he grew.  I loved him more and more with every set of pictures I received.  He grew cuter by the day.  I had many questions as I waited for him to come to us, and always got the answers I needed.  Dez personally brought him to us.  She flew with him in the cabin of the plane all the way across the country, to help limit his stress.  She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy with the experience.  Any more sphynx kitties I get will DEFINITELY come from Dez and Beeblebrox Sphynx.  If you are looking for a healthy, great tempered, well rounded sphynx, and a great experience all around in the whole adoption process, including a lifetime of sphynx support, Dez is the lady, and a Beeblebrox is the sphynx.  Thank you for our fun and always entertaining beeblebutt.

~ Ben & Michelle Armitage from Kinsella, Ablerta, Canada
Ralph & Betsy JetSet to California After losing our first sphynx, Georgie, to cancer in July of 2011, we wanted to get another sphynx. We waited and researched many catteries all over the US. The next cat we wanted to get, was going to come from a breeder that we felt had a lot of knowledge and compassion for the breed. We wanted a loving companion to share our home with. We found Bebblebrox on Facebook.

After stalking the Beeblebrox Facebook page for 8 months, we fell in love with her kittens.  Everyone seemed so happy with the Beeblebrox cats and all the picture they showed of these wonderful and beautiful cats and kittens. We had to have one, but then we were so thrilled with Dez that we decided to get 2 cats so they could grow up with each other.  Living in Southern California, we were worried about delivery at first but Dez assured us the delivery would be fine and they would get to us safely and they did!

On Oct 2012, we got our bundles of joy, Ralph and Betsy. They are so sweet and rambunctious, they cuddled with us from the start. We got so much help from Dez and she continues to be a great help if we have any questions. We are a happy family and complete with our cats.

~Mindy & Mike from Southern California  
Beeblebrox Yoda Cabrerra I had been in search for the perfect breeder since 1999, and one day I accidentally came across the Beeblebrox website. I knew from reading through the site that I found the perfect person to adopt from. I am so grateful to Dez because she made this experience such a positive one.  She was so patient with me and my 1 million questions.  She is filled with knowledge and she is always willing to give advice and support.  I would never go to any other breeder other than her.  Her personality is sweet and welcoming and the most important thing to her is making sure that her kittens will go to a loving family. Now I have the most amazing kitty ever.  The 7 months of waiting was all worth it as soon as I held my Yoda in my arms. He is the most amazing kitty.  He loves to hug and kiss.  He has become part of my family and to me he is like my son... he loves to bathe and he loves to lay on my face and he actually likes to gently comb my hair with his little claws.  If it wasn't for Dez I would have never had the opportunity to have such an amazing addition to my family, I will be forever grateful to you Dez!! I cannot wait for January and give my Yoda a little sister to play with.

~Julissa Cabrera from New York, New York

Looking for a Sphynx Kitten?


The Beeblebrox focus is always on the health and happiness of our sphynx cats.   We also strive to continually improve the conformation in our cats with a goal towards the physical standards outlined by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

As for the pets we have available for adoption, our focus will also be on you. You will be making a significant emotional and financial investment and Beeblebrox wants to protect BOTH of your hearts.  Because most of our adoptive families understand the necessity of health protection, Beeblebrox offers a 5 year health guarantee and HCM testing for our placed pets once they reach 1 years old.

No breeder is immune from health issues and HCM. But it is important to evaluate what the breeder does to minimize health issues and how the breeder handles issues should they arise.  These practices are what seperates a responsible breeder from the rest.  If you are interested in adopting a sphynx kitten from us, we ask that you first take the time to educate yourself on the breed.  Our website offers a great deal of information and there are other websites and forums dedicated to sphynx fanciers.

If you are interested in adoption from us, you must fill first out our online adoption application.  Serious inquiries only please.


Beeblebrox - Is This The Right Breeder For Me?

There are some questions all new sphynx owners  consider while searching for the right breeder and kitty:

Is a healthy kitten with a health guarantee important?
Is lifetime support and friendship from your breeder important?
Is HCM a concern and is this breeder proactive against this disease?
Are you looking for breeder who is knowledgable, helpful and friendly?
Are you looking for breeder who is able to deliver your kitty?
Are you looking for breeder who wants the best diet for your cat but is flexible to your needs as well?
Are you looking for breeder who welcomes you into their home?
Are you looking for breeder who makes sure all kittens are raised in a clean and sanitary environment?
Are you looking for a breeder who understands sphynx pedigrees and genes?
Have you been contacting other breeders but still do not feel comfortable with them?
Are you hoping to adopt a well trained, playful, and curious bald kitty of a specifc sex or color?
Are you doing your diligence to make sure you do not adopt from a "backyard breeder" ?


If you answered YES to most of these questions
Then you found Beeblebrox Sphynx

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